Learn to Swim with Cranwell Dolphins

Swimming Lessons

For many years The STA have operated an incentive based swimming skills scheme - The STA International Learn to Swim (ILS).

Millions of children worldwide have learned to swim using this system. Now, as part of our commitment to improving the standards of swimming teaching and water safety we have decided to use this scheme at Dolphins.

The scheme recognises that pupils learn to swim at many different ages and progress at varying paces. It also appreciates that swimming teachers use different techniques and have different levels of experience. But at the same time, recognise that at no stage should safety, quality standards or consistency be compromised. The ILS consists of five progressive schemes which are interlinked.

All levels of the ILS have clearly defined standards, teaching objectives and learning outcomes. This ensures a consistent level of achievement from a high quality programme. The progressive and interlinked nature of the scheme provides for continuity but also flexibility. Whilst the ILS is a complete and comprehensive scheme it also recognises that many organisations may already have their own scheme or have adopted the ASA National Plan. With this in mind, the ILS has been designed to overlay other schemes. For example, it is easy to transfer onto the ILS from the ASA National Plan.

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